The Workers


Styles: Figurative, Fine Art, Expressionism, Modern
Mediums: Oil
Materials: Canvas
Original Created: 2020

While there is still snow, I will show you one of my favorite paintings. I wrote it in 2020, in January, when I was working on a series of "orange vests". I don't know why, but I have been attracted by this topic for a long time, I always stop my eyes on orange spots; from the point of view of a painter, I will say that they, in an amazing way, enliven any square of my field of vision, wherever you look around: whether you are walking around the city, or driving in transport, when meeting them, I just blush. Because they are always in their place in composition - that's how? How does this happen? Riddle. And these colored spots are life. These are real people. Each vest has different fates, different feelings, different thoughts, different voices and conversations. Where will they go after work? What families do they have. Who is waiting for them at home. Why does it bother me. City workers, who together, without knowing it, create a picturesque warm flame in the middle of cold snow ... Here, too, the technique of impasto is used - pasty painting, in simple language - the technique of large volumetric strokes.

Signed and dated front and back.

All original artwork comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.


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