Syrga salu



Styles: Impressionism, Figurative, Realism
Mediums: Oil
Materials: Canvas
Original Created: 2020

Literally from the Kazakh language "syrga salu" is translated - to put on earrings. That is, this is the same matchmaking as in other nations. But among Kazakhs, instead of a ring on a finger, the bride is wearing gold earrings. This tradition, like many others, has changed a lot, if in ancient times after "sirga salu" it could take more than one year until the wedding itself, nowadays matchmaking is usually carried out right in front of the bride. Of course, there are many cases when the main wedding is played much later, but after "sirga salu", usually the bride is already taken to the groom's house and she is considered a married girl. So, on the appointed day, a dastarkhan is served in the girl's house. Meet matchmakers with songs and honor. The groom's relatives, led by the chief matchmaker, come to ask for the hand of the bride's parents. The groom does not take part in all this. And the bride-to-be sits in her room, not showing herself to the guests. After the parents give their consent to a happy union, the girl goes out to the guests, accompanied by her two daughters-in-law. The groom's mother or daughters-in-law from his side put earrings on the bride's ears. According to legends, this initiative is trusted by a woman who has a strong and happy family. It is important to note that it is gold earrings that are chosen for this ceremony, because the Kazakhs greatly appreciated their daughters and compared them with gold. Why has this tradition among hundreds of others been chosen by me to be imprinted on canvas? This story is very close to me, since I myself experienced these touching emotions when the mother of my future husband put on gold earrings for me. Therefore, the picture is dominated by warm tones and colors, reflecting the mood of the entire ceremony. I found myself in a very good, loving family and I wish every girl to find such happiness.

Signed and dated front and back.

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