Our spring



Styles: Impressionism, Modern, Portraiture, Figurative
Mediums: Oil
Materials: Canvas
Original Created: 2019

Can you imagine yourself without gadgets? And the people around, children? The painting depicts my nephews at the national holiday, the holiday of the arrival of spring, renewal, the Nauryz holiday. This is how I captured them, it seemed to me important, comical and sad, because online chats and social networks preferred live communication, running and games in the yard were replaced by online games. The trends of the modern community are such that without smartphones, all kinds of gadgets and digitalization, there is nowhere. But I want to remind you that we are people and you don't need to lock yourself online. Lift your eyes and pay attention to the world around you, breathe in deeply, live. This picture echoes my work "Passengers".

Signed and dated front and back. 

All original artwork comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.


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