Styles: Impressionism, Figurative
Mediums: Oil
Materials: Canvas
Original Created: 2023

Picturesque painting “Bata” (blessing, prayer, parting words, thanksgiving).

What is Ata “asking” for? Of course, he asks for the happiness of his children and grandchildren,
about the bright future of his granddaughters (flower against the background of the carpet),
about the harvest,
about safe road end to relatives who are on the way,
thanks for the food on the table,
asks that everyone be fine. Amen.

At 7:30 am I finished this painting. She sat down. I'm watching. And my eyes got wet.

I grew up with this ritual. Every time after a meal, our Ata, and now my dad, always observed this small but important ritual. And I remember how, as a child, hearing this, I felt such unshakable protection and faith that it seemed to me that this was such a powerful amulet. For all of us.
Having lived almost 40 years, having seen different things in life, I no longer have such confidence.
So: let this picture remind us of that feeling, of faith in the Almighty, of good miracles; about how we preserve that small, not yet completely killed, sense of security and faith in a calm future.
At least in our homes and families?.

Author's series "Photo card for memory".
A series about good moments in people’s lives, about love, about the sacred, about important values.



Signed and dated front and back.

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