Styles: Figurative, Impressionism, Realism
Mediums: Oil
Materials: Canvas
Original Created: 2021

 The painting is made using the impasto technique: volumetric strokes using a palette knife. Has a thick paint layer and volumetric texture. Aje (in Kazakh "Granny"). This picture is very dear to me. It reflects the history of many people and, as it turned out, different nationalities. Childhood story, life story .. I have never met such a number of caring spectators for a picture in my life. I didn't write it for long. There was a color sensation in my head. Stroke after stroke, this friendly mass of pictures was created, which was embodied in an image. Collective image. This is not just a portrait of a specific person, it is an image of humanity. The image of a mother waiting for children, waiting for grandchildren. The image of a mother who raised and raised a dozen children, and not only her own. The image of a grandmother, Azhe, who raised and nursed grandchildren of different generations. The image of a daughter whose parents do not know how she lived out her life. The image of a person who saw the life of several completely different periods of history. An image of home happiness and tranquility that will remain in the memory of many of us.

Signed and dated front and back.

All original artwork comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.


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